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  • Is the school accredited? By whom?
  • Is the learning environment asynchronous or synchronous? What is the level of interactivity?
  • What type of software does this program use?
  • Does the school offer tutoring services?
  • Do they offer career assistance?
  • What are some RECENT and REAL career placement statistics? What percentage of graduates receive job offers?
  • Do they accept transfer of credit? How difficult is it to transfer credits?
  • What is the price, overall and per credit? Does this institution participate in federal student aid programs? If so, what percentage of students receive aid toward their education costs?
  • How much do course books or online supplements normally cost?
  • Who will be teaching my classes and how accessible will they be?
  • What has the student experience been at this online institution? Have the majority of students been satisfied with the instruction they received?

These questions are important to keep in mind when speaking to an admissions representative or beginning the enrollment process. Don’t be afraid to ask other questions that do not appear on this list. Remember, admissions representatives are paid to advise prospective students in their search for the perfect online educational program.

And don’t forget to make full use of our School Search tool to research and compare each individual online degree program.