Psychology professionals tend to the mental health of their patients and clients, or assist them with difficult career, school, and relationship decisions. They listen to and counsel people of every age and history, and help them work through difficult or complicated events and circumstances.

Psychologists and counselors offer their services to private clients and the patients of hospitals and nursing care facilities that employ them. Many psychology professionals, like drug rehabilitation counselors, try to help people overcome damaging conditions like drug abuse. Physical rehabilitation counselors help people with disabling conditions or the ill through difficult, transitional times in their lives. Occupational counselors are knowledgeable advisors on career issues; family and marriage counselors are sympathetic confidants in personal and relationship issues.

Because of the complex and sometimes serious issues which counselors and psychologists deal with, they are highly educated and rigorously licensed. Counseling professionals generally must have a master's degree; psychologists generally have doctoral degrees.